Tecnis® - Multifocal Implant Lens (IOL)

Traditionally, when a cataract develops (cloudy lens), the human lens is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens inside the eye. This lens is usually focused for distance vision so that the patient needs to wear reading glasses for all near tasks.

However, an alternative is now available with the Tecnis lens. This artificial lens can restore a patient's full range of vision while simultaneously reducing a patient's dependence on bifocals or prescription reading glasses.

The Tecnis implant contains concentric rings of varying powers along the visual axis. It is tapered from the center to the outside to allow a smooth transition of light, providing excellent near and distance vision. This allows patients to read the print on medicine bottles, newspapers, and magazines while also providing vision of distant objects.

Newer designs like the Tecnis lens may also create less halo side effect and contrast sensitivity loss, which have limited the use of multifocal lenses in the past.

Occasionally, monovision or planned myopia is used so that near and intermediate distances are clear without glasses. Monovision may be an option in motivated patients who are likely not to be bothered by a mild decrease in depth perception.

You may be a good candidate for the Tecnis lens if you:

  • have cataracts or presbyopia, and
  • wish to improve near, intermediate or distance vision with decreased dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.