Vision Correction Surgery—A Chance to Give Your Eyes New Life

Thomas Harvey MD is an eye surgeon (Ophthalmologist), specializing in Cornea Surgery, Cataract Surgery, and Vision Correcting Refractive Surgery. Here are links for more details about the most common vision correction surgeries: 



"I am excited about my new bifocal lens. Before the surgery, my eye sight was causing problems in my daily life. I didn't feel safe driving at night. But now I have 20/20 vision. I don't have to bother with contact lens or putting on readers. I was nervous to go ahead with the procedure. But, I'm glad I did. My vision is sharp once again. Being outside is a joy as I can fully appreciate the scenery. I am looking forward to hiking and riding my bicycle. The care I received from Dr. Harvey and his staff was very impressive. The staff answered all of my questions promptly. Dr. Harvey even called me in the evening after the both surgeries to make sure I was doing O.K. I just turned 60 and have a lot of years left to enjoy my vision. Choosing the Bifocal Lens was well worth the financial investment. I am excited about the outcome and recommend Dr. Harvey to anyone looking to improve their vision."

Deb Mathson

Eau Claire, WI