Punctal Plugs

Punctal Plugs is a procedure used to treat dry eye disease.

Dry eye disease usually occurs due to inadequate tear creation. A plug can be placed in on of the out-flow tear ducts to conserve tears and help lubricate the eye.

The Procedure – In Detail

The eye is evaluated to confirm dryness and potential for improvement with a punctal plug. Prior to the in-office procedure, numbing drops are placed in the eye. Using a microscope, Dr. Harvey places an appropriately sized silicone plug in the eye (similar to a mini drain stopper).

The procedure is painless and takes less than one minute. The plugs are intended to stay in place indefinitely, but occasionally they may fall out. Silicone plugs are easily removed if needed.

Patients may initially feel a slight irritation, but this sensation rarely lasts more than a few hours. Artificial tears are recommended to keep the eye lubricated if there is any discomfort.

Punctal Plug