Cataract Surgery—A Step Toward Clear Vision

What is a cataract?

A cataract is a slow, progressive clouding of the eye's natural lens. It is caused by a change in the proteins of the lens, which make it less translucent. The cataract interferes with light passing through the eye, resulting in blurred or fuzzy vision. For the majority of cases, surgery is the only cure.

Modern cataract surgery is typically performed through a small incision. High-frequency ultrasound, called phacoemulsification (phaco), is used to break up the cloudy lens material, and a micro-vacuum removes it from the eye. A clear, artificial implant lens of appropriate power is placed inside the eye to provide focusing power. Today, no-stitch cataract surgery is performed whenever possible.

What kinds of lenses are available for cataract patients?

A variety of lenses can be placed in the eye at the time of cataract surgery, including: conventional implants, astigmatism correcting implants, and accommodating or bifocal lenses. These lenses are also known as IOLs, or intraocular lenses.

Intraocular Lens Options for Cataract Patients include:

How safe is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is today's cure for blindness. Cataracts affect millions of people causing blindness around the world. Within a 20 minute procedure, Dr. Harvey can significantly improve a person's vision.

Can you tell me about the Cataract procedure?

When performing cataract surgery, Dr. Harvey uses the latest in lens removal technology with emphasis on minimizing incision size.

Cataract Surgery Procedure Details

IOL Options

New Implant Options for Eye Surgery

This handout describes several different IOL options to decrease the need for glasses after cataract surgery.

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IOL Options

Intraocular lenses for patients needing cataract surgery - describes several different replacement lens options for patients to choose from.

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Live Cataract Surgery

Notice: Live eye surgery. Live microincision surgery for developmental cataract. Thomas Harvey MD performs surgery.



My mother had cataracts surgery by Dr. Harvey in 2014 at Independent Surgery Center. She was pleased with how smoothly everything went. She felt safe and in good hands. The part she remembers the most is how Dr. Harvey sang to her during the surgery.

Patient's Daughter

Eau Claire, WI